For anyone who’s seen Frenchy’s hilarious YouTube videos of  Bazza and Wazza from Mullumbimby, his awkward Tinder chats or his Around Girlfriend vs Around Mates series, you’re in for a treat.

Live and Lanky, currently showing Nationally, is a hilarious hour of awkward names, songs and even funnier anecdotes of when Frenchy was a substitute teacher. (who would’ve thought?!)

A bit anxious as what to expect, I came to the show wondering what type of Standup Frenchy would put on. Would his standup be just as funny as his YouTube videos? Would he own the stage and entertain for an hour? Or would it be an awkward jilted set of one-liners and drunk antics?

Thankfully, Frenchy took to the stage like a pro, with the crowd in hysterics from the moment he stepped out. Delighting the crowd with his true blue Aussie humour, the show had a great energy and laid back vibe, Frenchy bringing the audience into the show as if they were all old friends; flirting with the front row, and even getting his kit off to show his rock-hard sharpie-drawn abs.

From stories of when he was a glassy at a club, to shutting down naughty kids in sex-ed, Frenchy transported the crowd to places we all wish we’d forgotten; like the club toilet line, high-school health class and trying to deal with the awkward stages of teenage-hood.

Finishing the show as his alter ego Bazza from Mullumbimby, his hilarious take on Redfoo (or Redfood,) and being put in the ‘Friend Zone’ had the whole crowd in stitches, with Frenchy getting a shock of his own when his front-row muse kissed him back mid song. Aided by the very *cough cough* ‘relaxed’ Bazza, who forgot to put his costume on, the songs were an array of well-placed lyrics and comedic timing.


Frenchy Live and Lanky is currently showing Nationally. For more info, visit his website.