Melbourne, it’s time to express yourself.

Get ready to bombard your senses and get all kinds of crazy at the newest Free Sex and Money warehouse event.

From showcasing visual arts, installations, live performance art, DJ’s and an overall sensory experience, Free Sex and Money has got you covered for an intense Saturday night.

Packed with new and upcoming talent, Free Sex and Money has an artist and DJ lineup that’s bound to make even the least artistic quiver at the knees.

 Casual Loops

Featured artist Kara Blakeley’s Found image Collage work “Casual Loops”

The official artist line up includes:

Michael Kewish

Isabelle de Kleine

Honey Tripper

Kara Blakeley

Esther Fraser

Tom Fresco Killen

Joshua Lewis

Joe Baker


Charlotte Makins-Morris

Honey Tripper

Gemma Ruzzier

Tea Bowie-Ford


Chiara Kickdrum

Richard J Neo v Scott Allen

Curtis Edwards

Lani Lux Greer

Steph Yeah

 karablakeley image

Flawless Floorboards, Kara Blakeley


8pm – 4am Saturday September 6, 2014 to Sunday September 7, 2014 

Tickets: $15 presale or $25 at the door, free drink before 9pm.

Location: 672 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North