Eves Karydas is about to embark on a national tour with Cub Sport, and she’s just released her latest single ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’, an uplifting, off-kilter pop gem, demonstrating Eves‘ penchant for soaring melodies. She’s in the process of working on a new album which sees her continue down the new path forged for herself on ‘Further Than The Planes FlyEves ran us through five of the tracks that influenced her new direction.

‘Can’t Feel My Face’ – The Weekend

When I first heard that song I was walking around London and I was listening to Spotify when it came on and I was like ,”What is this?” I was so confused by the chorus. Musically – the way the verse and the pre-chorus build up and up and it’s sweeping and climactic and then it just sucks in and the groove gets established. I was like, “What the heck?! What is this song?” I hadn’t heard anything like it before and I became obsessed with trying to do that. I was really inspired by it and after that I wrote ‘Couch.’

Loud Places’ – Jamie xx (ft Romy)

About the same time I heard ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ I heard this and I was really inspired by this song. I kind of liked that it was a pop song but very electronic and organic at the same time. So that was really influential and I tried to recreated those sorts of textures in the early demos for this record. I guess you can hear that influence in some of the songs like ‘Couch’ and ‘Further Than The Planes Fly.’

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

They’re just such a solid band and every time I’m in LA I hear this song on the radio. I think when I started writing the record this was a song that was really around in my mind. It’s so simple and I dissected it and tried to figure out how it works and it really gave me a lot of insights into writing radio songs and songs that make sense when you hear them for the first time. It was kind of like homework.

‘Woodstock’ – Joni Mitchell

All Joni Mitchell is inspiring to me at all times but ‘Woodstock,’ especially. I always learn a lot from Joni Mitchell’s use of backing vocals and that’s something that’s in ‘Woodstock’ a lot. She has these kind of weird, stacked, high pitched vocals. They’re not pitched up but they sound like they could be. I think when I started experimenting with songs like ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’ and some of the backing vocals on other songs on the record, they were definitely influenced by the way Joni Mitchell does her backing vocals.

‘Never Tear Us Apart’ – INXS

This song is just everything to me. It’s so emotional and dramatic and I just wanted to write music that has that kind of dynamic to it. It’s not afraid of being dramatic at all, which I love, and that’s something that I’ve learned from it, not to be afraid to be dramatic.

Catch Eves Karydas on tour with Cub Sport throughout February and March! 

Thursday 22nd Feb: Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth (18+)

Friday 23rd Feb: Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth (18+) SOLD OUT

Saturday 24th Feb: Fat Controller, Adelaide (18+)

Saturday 3rd March: The Corner, Melbourne (18+) SOLD OUT

Sunday 4th March: The Corner, Melbourne (U18’s matinee)

Sunday 4th March: The Corner, Melbourne (18+) SOLD OUT

Monday 5th March: The Corner, Melbourne (18+)

Saturday 10th March: The Triffid, Brisbane (All Ages) SOLD OUT

Sunday 11th March: The Triffid, Brisbane (All Ages)

Saturday 17th March: The Metro Theatre, Sydney (All Ages) SOLD OUT



Thursday, March 8, 2018 The Penny Black – Brunswick, VIC, Australia

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 – Beach Road Hotel – Bondi, NSW, Australia