Melbourne based artist Mo•Louie lives in a world where the soul and the artificial are intertwined, her soul-powered music comes from what she sees around her, and her internal journey of mental illness and curiosity.

Mo•Louie shares her exploration of tricks in the mind with her first single ‘She Said’ taken from her forthcoming EP due for release in early 2017.

To celebrate the release of her first single and her upcoming launch show at Boney on December 8, we asked Mo some cheeky questions about some of her first musical crushes, musical purchases and first ever Mo•Louie show…

Vinyl/tape or cd you purchased?

My first was cassette tape. I bought this playlist tape with a bunch of random artists on it, I think I was like 8, it was the first Michael Jackson song I ever listened to and I used to play it on repeat ‘You are not Alone’. I used to sing it so seriously, like a Backstreet boys ballad or something! Haha. There was also Gloria Estephan ‘Turn the Beat Around’ and I think ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ by R Kelly. Ps, I was super cool as school…not.


First concert you attended?

Well, technically I went to my first concert in the womb two months before the world was blessed by my presence. It was Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr and Liza Minelli all together in concert (not a bad lineup, can’t get that at Falls!) and apparently I was bouncing around to the music the whole time. Then when I grew out of my fetus form, I went to Gloria Estefan world tour at the Tennis Centre in 1997 and fell asleep half way through…being a kid and all…


First ever concert ticket you purchased with your own money?

My first ever ticket I bought with my own money was probably Justin Timberlake at Festival Hall in 2004. I was so obsessed with him, my friends and I lined up for like 7 hours to get in the front row of the mosh pit. We also made T-Shirts with his lyrics on in. Mine said ‘Cry Me a River’ with tear marks…HAHAHAHA!

The first musician you had a crush on?

Hmm, I can’t really remember my first, I think it might have been someone from Five or Ricky Martin…haha. Definitely, Justin Timberlake when I was a teenager, I think his poster was on my wall.

You started singing at age 8, what was the first song you learnt to sing?

It was probably Michael Jackson ‘You are not Alone’ that’s the first song I remember singing all the lyrics to.

The first instrument you owned?

I started to learn guitar at high school, but I didn’t show up to a lot of my lessons, so I was pretty shit.

First song you learnt to play?

I think I learnt ‘Stand By Me’ by John Lennon on guitar.

First song you ever wrote?

We got a piano in our house for a brief period, and I tried to learn chords by myself and I still remember word for word the first song I wrote and the melody! Haha. The lyrics were ‘Why is the world so complicated, so much confusion that I can’t explain, ooh ooh ooh ooh, there are so many people living in poverty…’ and that’s as far as I got. I played it and sang it to my parents once, who were holding back their laughter, they pretty much told me to go and do my homework! Haha.

The first gig you played as Mo•Louie

The first headline gig I played as Mo•Louie was at the 86 on Smith Street, and I had my friend Dru Chen supporting me. It went well I think, don’t know how successful it was but I remember having the best time with my band and was super happy when I was singing.

‘She Said’ Single Launch
Thursday December 8
Boney – 68 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
+ Youthfire and Lacuna
Doors 8pm