Better days have found us’ sings the poised and ethereal Felicity Groom on her latest single & video ‘Better Days’ from her sophomore album Hungry SkyFinally they came to stay / Guarantees are useless / Yet nothing’s gained walking away’. Sigh. Groom’s latest video sees an array of quietly beautiful sci-fi imagery, from spaceships launching into the atmosphere, to whooshing stars and twinkling outer galaxies, nestled amongst shots of Groom and her band playing on a porch. The singer plays a space explorer, who in a last ditch effort to leave her malfunctioning ship decides to jump out the window into the desolate abyss. Thankfully, instead of imploding (as reality would insist), she falls gracefully through the atmosphere and back down to earth.

The song itself manages to find a sweet crossroads between feelings of melancholia and positivity about future romance (‘Some say the fall’s so much to fall / There’s no reason not to try though’). A persistent drum beat and piano propels the track along, with sprinkles of nostalgic reverbed guitar and unobtrusive synths, as well as, of course, Groom’s soaring vocals and beautifully constructed lyrics.

The visually impressive video was filmed by film school students, Director, Writer, Producer and Designer Poppy Van Oorde-Grainger and Cinematographer Hossein Khodabandehloo. See it for your own earthling eyes…

You can catch Felicity Groom launching ‘Hungry Sky’
Friday December 5th at the Rosemount Hotel
Tickets available HERE