You can call him either Lord Fascinator or just Fascinator. Regardless, the Melbourne performer has announced a couple of great things as of this morning.

Firstly, he’s released a new song called ‘Showin’ Off’ – and it’s got a video too. Both the song and its visual accompaniment champion vivid, kaleidoscopic flavours, with the track guided throughout by a manic string section and razor sharp bass line. The video is also the performer’s creation; made evident by its focus on solid-coloured psychedelia and babe-laden, Eastern-tinged visual absurdity. In fact, both the song and video are so kaleidoscopic that they’re perfectly consistent with Fascinator’s second announcement.

And that is that he now shares a manager with Tame Impala (trust). Jodie Regan of Spinning Top Music has added Fascinator to the range of top-notch Australian psychedelic acts she manages. A Melbourne native, Fascinator’s real name is Johnny Mackay and he also plays in Children Collide. He’s spent the past 12 months in “the sewers of New York”, performing at the Santa Monica Pier’s Twilight Series and Burning Man Festival, on top of supporting Tame Impala. We’d better be seeing more of this from hereon in.