27 year old Australian producer Yeo has been quietly producing gems since 2006, building up his reputation and fan base ever since. His work is not going unnoticed, recently labelled as “the boy version of BANKS“, Yeo has released his newest track Secret Powers, an 80s inspired heavy synth track in which he collaborates with German artist Yule Post.

Yeo is on the final leg of his Australian tour, set to hit up Brighton Up Bar on the 11th December. We caught up with him to chat about his favourite photos, snacks, and memories on Instagram.


What is your favourite photo that you have taken?
Where was it, why is it your favourite?
I have a few favourites, so I went for the music-related one. This was in Toronto after our first show at Canadian Music Week. It was our first international show as a band with Andrew (drummer) and Corey (sound engineer) and we felt really good about our performance. I was exhausted (like the fellow on the bench) and the advertisement behind him made perfect sense as a descriptor as to why he’s contained in a tramstop/freak-show glass cage.


What is your favourite snack that you have posted to Instagram?

The ingredients needed to make お好み焼き and なす でんがく as well as a can of Dr. Pepper.

Which photo do you think best represents Yeo?

I’ve always wanted a jetpack. Then I wouldn’t have to visit Melbourne airport (where this was taken) so often. Andrew took this one.


What is your favourite photo of an animal that you have posted?

Goblin sharks are real. Mind blown. Nota bene, this is a photo I took of my laptop screen so it’s not actually my photo.


What is your favourite photo that you have received from a fan?

I’d consider him a legendary friend more than a fan. @BernardWinter takes awesome photos and he happened to be in New York when we played Pianos.

Do you have any guilty pleasure follows?

Yep. I stalk @SarahBarthel from @Phantogram for several reasons.


Thursday December 11

Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
w/ support from Tales In Space