Making waves in the Melbourne music scene, My Elephant Ride have been busy recording and crafting their second EP, due out mid 2015. Just a couple of mates having fun, Joe Berridge (Vocals/Guitar), Chevaunne Keleher (Vocals/Keys), Nathan Abbey (Vocals/Guitar) and Oliver Whelehan (Drums) will be delivering their thrilling live experience and new set for their upcoming performance at Citizens of The Streets. With a couple of laughs and obscure animal face masks, we caught up with the group to talk Instagram, favourite images and guilty pleasure follows!

What’s your favourite photo of the band?

Our favorite photo often changes but at the moment it’s from our last photo shoot in one of Melbourne’s colourful, graffitied alleyways. After we saw this photo we realized we all have the same kind of hair!

Do you have a picturesque place you want to visit?

Our next filmclip is currently being filmed in the Himalayas, this is one of the pictures from the shoot and it looks incredible! It’s somewhere we would all love to visit.

What’s the greatest photo or video a fan has taken of you?

This is a video taken from one of our Workers Club residency shows. We spent ages paper macheing this giant elephant mask and all hopped behind it like a Chinese dragon. It’s made a couple of other special appearances at shows where we take turns trying to perform with it on.

Who are the funniest people/accounts you follow on Instagram?

We sometimes find ourselves on the toilet scrolling through all the Instagram pics and we seem to laugh the most at Blaire Magazine’s posts. From hard nipples to a field filled with dope they are surely one of the best accounts we follow.

Do you have a favorite local venue that you love to perform at?

We really love Shadow Electric in Abbotsford. It has great sound and a high quality projector for all of our crazy images and videos. We get treated really well and they have two ping pong tables!

What photos best sum up your experience playing shows?

We put a lot of physical and mental energy into our shows so we are always pretty wiped out afterwards. Here’s one of Joe in the morning driving back from a Sydney show.

What photo bests describe the relationships you share in the band?

We are all really close in the band, here’s is a very intimate shot of Joe and Nathan singing together. The animal masks are a fun addition we bring out from time to time, although we soon found out they are very hard to sing out of.

Do you have any Instagram users you go to for inspiration?

Milk Records are a huge inspiration for us; they’ve opened our eyes to the opportunities that are out there for Melbourne musicians. We followed in their footsteps in starting our own little community called Wigwam Records.

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Are there any places, bands or people you’d love to Instagram?

I guess we could combine all three! We would love to message Mac Demarco, Courtney Barnett or the guys from King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and see if they wanted to party with us in New Zealand! Yes, lets all go to the natural hot springs or for a hike at Milford Sound.

Do you have any guilty pleasure follows on Instagram?

Yeah… We like Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches a lot! She is so talented, funny and gorgeous, we would like to play pass the parcel and for her to be the prize at the end!

Catch Flyying Colours at Citizens of The Streets here!