21 year old acoustic singer songwriter Demi Louise has come a long way from writing songs in Ballarat.
Fresh from the UK writing and recording her highly anticipated debut album, 2014 has seen Demi tour in the UK supporting Gabrielle Aplin, and in Ireland supporting Kodaline, and has recently been announced with 8 other Aussie artists to play SXSW 2015.

We caught up with Demi Louise from CMJ in New York, to discuss her favourite photos, selfies and memories on Instagram.

What is your favourite photo that you have taken?

Where was it, why is it your favourite?
This was taken almost exactly a year ago when I opened for Gabrielle Aplin at Rock city in Nottingham! It was the biggest crowd I had ever played and for me it sort of represents a really big time of change in my life because I had just finished my degree at University and started doing music fulltime. I love that you can see the faces in the front and I still get so much support from them and it’s just such a special memory!

What is your favourite live photo?
This is my favourite because it was taken on my 21st birthday show in Dublin this year. I pull some absolutely horrific faces on stage and I think this just represents my unphotogenic nature in it’s prime.

image copy

Which of your selfies is your favourite?
I know this isn’t on my Instagram, HOWEVER. This is my favorite for a few reasons, one of which is no one has ever, ever noticed that it’s a selfie… I’m literally holding the camera. But I’ve used this photo for a lot of promo, just last week I saw it printed on a signboard in Korea promoting MU:CON -and it’s sneaky because everyone thinks it’s a professional photo haha little do they know..


What is your favourite that you have posted?
I do a lot of busking, and earlier this year whilst living in England I was busking and a big group (HUNDREDS) of Nudist Bike-Riders swarmed past me ringing their bells and I couldn’t help but have to stop mid song because it was just so bizzare. It was broad daylight! Haha but my friend captured this picture at the perfect moment and it has to godown as the wierdest moment busking yet.

image copy 2

What is your favourite photo you have been tagged in?
I was lucky enough to play at the Pop Up Hotel this year at Glastonbury Festival in England and basically we stayed there for 6 days, playing every night to the VIP acts and Campers and it was just the best time! We all became like a little, cold, Glastonbury family by the end of the week. So I was tagged in the photos by one of the girls who was also playing with us called Zoe Allinson, who I miss dearly!

image copy 3

Do you have any guilty pleasure follows?
Yes. See picture attached. Need I say more? She’s just so entertaining…

image copy 4 What is your favourite photo from your time in New York at CMJ?
I was chilling in the Artists Lounge in the Penthouse of some beautiful hotel on top of New York City,
There was free coffee, and a photo booth,
I combined the two and it resulted in this picture which shows just how excited I get at these exclusive events. I’m not cool enough for this stuff yet.

image copy 5

Demi Louise Live

Wednesday November 12th at Revolver, Melbourne
Supporting Maxi & Louis Majiwa

Demi Louise & Sarah Stone, are traveling round Australia to play a House Party tour, you can now request them to play an exclusive gig in your living room, your garden or at your BBQ entertaining you and your friends.

Demi Louise – Ruins