Drawing from a broad range of musical influences, The D.Y.E have created a blend of Hip-Hop that encompasses their unrelenting energy and passion that is evident in their music and live shows. While painting the world with stickers, the Melbourne trio have headlined venues such as The Corner Hotel, The Espy and have performed at Sidney Myer Music Bowl.
We caught up to discuss their favourite photos, followers and memories on Instagram.


What is your favourite photo that you have taken?
Where was it, why is it your favourite?
This picture of DJ Marshall holding our first award comes from the Australian Independent Music Awards 2013.


Our track, ‘Everything’s OK’ won a competition so we got to go up to Sydney to attend the AIMA’s last year.  During the ceremony after the winner for best Christian Rock Album was announced, the winners were not in the room.  DJ Marshall took it upon himself to go up and collect the award on their behalf. This is our favourite picture because he was able to get the biggest applause of the night for absolutely no reason! This pretty much sums up The D.Y.E attitude. We also managed to get a sticker on the podium.

Where is the best place you have found your D.Y.E sticker?
We got sent a picture from London England with one of our stickers on an aeroplane right above the cockpit.  We’re still not sure how it got there, but its definitely our most epic sticker yet.

dye plane

Is there a person who you are proud to say follows you?
Melbourne pro skateboarder Liam Rothwell has recently followed us, we actually caught up with him at the city park for a roll and gave him a few stickers so hopefully they get around the city bit!

dye stickers pole

Who is your favourite musician/artist to follow?
Weird Al Yankovic, that dude is funny as f***.  Getting a few reminders and quotes from his stuff is a pisser. Some of his new stuff is golden.


Do you have any guilty pleasure follows?
Slam Master D signed us up to a few manga threads.  He spends more time reading manga than writing rhymes!  Also Marshall is into his vegan breakfast/cafe venues so he follows broadsheet religiously.


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