At just 17 years of age, Baro is creating some of the smoothest hip hop in Australia right now. Fresh from supports with Allday, Coin Banks and Citizen KayBaro is one of the most promising young MC/Vocalist/Producers in the country. His latest mix tape Howgoodisgood has caught the eye of many, and earned airtime on triple j.
We spoke to Baro about some of his favourite photos, artists to follow, and moments on Instagram.

What is your favourite photo that you have taken? Where was it, why is it your favourite?
My favourite photo I’ve taken is this one of @charlie_threads and this lady we met one night in the city. We were sitting in McDonalds one night, eating food and this lady comes in yelling at the manager to open the upstairs toilet, she then made a petition for the people in Maccas to sign. Then when she passed it to Bryce he was like “What’s your name?” and she was like “Charlie” and Bryce’s rap guy name is Charlie, so it was massive. Bryce then went on to converse with this lady and eventually had a cigarette with her, this captures that beautiful moment. I almost got beat up for taking this photo too.


Who is your favourite artist to follow?

Sosa. @cheiffkeeffsossa

Who is your favourite artist to appear in one of your photos?
Black beauty Remi


You post a lot of screenshots of music you are listening to. What is your favourite track that you have shared with your fans?


Do you have any guilty pleasure follows?

I fuck with lasagna heavy.

baro lasagne


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