Swedish pop singer-songwriter Erik Hassle has dropped an interesting new video for his funky dance number ‘No Words‘.

The song is bound to be a hit in car radios around the world, and is the first single from Hassle’s upcoming third album.

Premiering on TIME, the clip depicts two female friends dancing to the song whilst making breakfast, before realising the artist himself is in their house.

The single taps into a disco-funk groove with hints of Michael Jackson and Daft Punk. Played out over a sprightly little riff, excited strings in the chorus and expressive height-reaching vocals, Hassle dances his way into the girls’ kitchen were he begins destroying their food. As you do.

There’s a palpable warmth to the song that differs from the chillier material on his 2014 EP Somebody’s Party, the 2014 EP that counted rising rapper Vic Mensa and Tinashe among its guests. But if you slip beneath the surface, it’s another song that could make you cry just as easily as it could make you dance.