After 28 years of on-air savvy sparring, Australia’s most prolific film critics David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz have officially farewelled the ABC.

The hotheaded duo have been reviewing the latest movies for adoring audiences for almost three decades, beginning with The Movie Show on SBS in 1986, before moving to “Aunty” (aka. the ABC) to do At The Movies, where they have been for the past ten years.

The pair signed off for the final time on Tuesday night, with a special one-hour show chronicling their career together and the best films of 2014 and top picks this summer.

The emotional farewell was a nostalgic look back at the ever-changing face of the movie industry, as well as a cute montage of Margaret’s various hairstyles over the years.835201-8ca4bd76-744f-11e4-bc09-a20feb608d31

The final episode seemed to encourage the pair – finally – to agree on movie scoring, with a mutual five-star rave for the Oscar contending, Michael Keaton-starring Birman. Julianne Moore as an Alzheimer’s patient in Still Alice drew similar acclaim, along with some hold-them-back tears from Pomeranz, who reflected that the movie affected her personally – it touched on her own mother’s experience.

These were almost the last tears of the night, but not the first. As straight-talking David has always been the rock of the partnership, it was clear from the start that it was going to be an emotional night for Margaret.

The farewell finale featured the top films of 2014 and ones to look out for early next year. The Specials segments were broken up into categories: Big Studio Films, Family Films, Australian Films, Foreign Language FilmsU.K. Indie Films – Biographies, Female Oscar Contenders Films 2014, Male Oscar Contenders Films 2014, Favourite Discussions, Bloopers and an Interviews Package.

The pair ended the show with a heartfelt thank-you to all the film fans that “kept them on air over the years”, before holding hands and leaving the chairs and the set they have called home for so long… *sob sob*835276-cc8190fe-744f-11e4-bc09-a20feb608d31

Check out the emotional sign-off from Margaret & David on their final episode of At The Movies below: