Following a series of singles released in 2013, Melbourne alt rockers Elephant Ego are gearing up to release their debut EP Girl’s Don’t Believe In Flowers. The four piece will launch the album on Thursday 16th October at the Northcote Social Club. We caught up with the group to talk about the EP, preparation for the launch and life in the studio.

Your debut EP Girls Don’t Believe In Flowers is set for release on Thursday 16th October, what inspired the title of EP?
It was just an off the cuff comment that came from someone inspired by their lack of understanding the finer details of girls and it just hit us as a good song title. Then as we explored the EP and its themes deeper, we thought that it also translated to a good EP title so we just went for it.

The EP was recorded at Oakland studios with Kris Samos and Mastered by Adam Dempsey, what was it like to work with both of these talented guys?
It was a really good experience. Just heading into the studio and talking about our sound with a third party who really understood our perspective and knew quite quickly exactly what we wanted to achieve. We were all able to contribute our individual influences and aspects and to have Kris blend it all together the way he did left us really pleased with the overall product. Adam is quite literally a Master – perfection and detail to every single second. He took the songs far beyond our expectations, completely enhancing the quality.

Is there a certain theme that inspired the EP?
There are certain themes that come up frequently, mostly trying to understand girls and all the craziness that’s involved with that. But it certainly isn’t a theme that dominates the EP, as there are multiple areas we explored.

Who has the most annoying studio habits?
No one has any especially annoying habits. Drums were a pain to record though. It took us 2-3 times to get everything perfect and by the end of it, we were just relieved.

What was the most difficult track to record in the studio?
Either Fever or Silver Back Jack. And that was only for getting the tempo of the songs and drumming correct. Other than that aspect, the tracking of the EP wasn’t overly difficult.

Does the sound on your forthcoming EP differs from your previous work?
Definitely. With this EP, we headed in knowing that we were making a distinctive break and headway with our sound in light of previous works and that was what has made the EP so exciting for us. We were a bit conflicted with over our previous sound and when we started writing songs that were heavier, groovier and more progressive, was when we realised this is definitely the direction we wanted to head in

Did many tracks on the EP evolve from jamming?
Honestly all of them. The level of jamming that influences a particular song changes from track to track, but the basic model we follow is that someone has an idea, and then together we effectively ‘jam it’ till we have the beginnings of a song that we’re happy to dedicate more time to.

You are launching the album at the Northcote Social Club on 16th October, what has been the bands preparation in the lead up to the launch?
We have really been focusing on producing a live set that offers variations of the tracks recorded. It makes everything a bit more interesting and exciting for everyone involved. We also have been preparing live visuals for the show. We have never had live visuals before so we are all especially excited for that. Yarabe a local Melbourne VJ artist has a few tricks up his sleeve that will take the live
show to the next level.

Can your fans expect any surprises in your set at the launch?
We will be playing a few new songs that will show what’s on for our next project and we will play one or two older tunes.
And everyone will find out that our guitarist secretly desires to be a stand up comedian….

If you could go on tour supporting any artist/band, who would it be?
If you asked each member that question, you would get very different answers. But I’m going to say it would be a dream for all us to go on tour with Tame Impala.

What is on the horizon for Elephant Ego in 2015?
In 2015, we plan to release a few singles that will continue right where this EP left off. We also hope to organise a tour if everything goes well.
Basically the horizon is looking pretty exciting for what we have planned.