The ever-surprising Sydney singer-songwriter Elana Stone, who is back with her upcoming third studio album Duck For Cover. The second single off the album ‘Panic Attack‘ features bouncing piano as well as Stone’s familiar powerful vocals.

Stone will be showcasing her new material at her single launch’s Boney in Melbourne tonight, and then Brighton Up Bar in Sydney on September 4th.

We caught up with Elana to chat about touring, life in the studio, and new material off forthcoming album Duck For Cover.

‘Panic Attack’ is the first track to be taken off your third album Duck For Cover, what is the meaning behind the track?

It’s actually the second single I have released from this upcoming album. The first was called ‘Sleep Doesn’t Come’. You can listen to it here on youtube along with a really cool clip made by my friend Nils Crompton:

I wrote Panic Attack when I was stuck in bed recovering from an operation on my face, hence: ‘Who am I, just meat on bone’

It was a pretty vulnerable time. I was also suffering from Panic Attacks. They would generally happen while I was driving on the highway. I guess you could say I had an intense awareness of my own mortality at the time.

Why did you decide to release ‘Panic Attack’ as your first track?

I decided to release it as my second track because there is an intensity to it that I like. It also gives a heads up to the weird lop-sidedness of this upcoming release. There’s a limp to it, and a bit of a swagger as well.

Did you go into the studio with a specific genre in mind that you wanted the album to sound like?

Originally I thought we were going to make a classic rock album – like a Billy Joel sounding thing (HAHAHAHA!!!) but then Jack Britten (Zebra Zap, Hello Vera, Ngaiire) got involved. He is a big Kanye/ Frank Ocean fan and we were checking out a lot of Solange Knowles’s stuff and also mixing it up with our own brands of weirdness.

Can we expect any collaborations on your newest album?

Yes. But I am not at liberty to say anymore. 

Was there a track on the album you had difficulties with recording?

Yes, there is a song called ‘Gravity’ which changed so much from pre-production to recording stage that you almost wouldn’t recognise it. We ended up with a kind of Brit pop, Radiohead(y) take on it but we started somewhere else entirely. There were definitely some tears, especially as there were two very headstrong creators at the core of this project (Jack and I) but I think that’s what makes it ‘the diamond in the rough’ (to quote the movie Aladdin!)

What tracks are you most excited to share with your fans?

There is one called ‘Not Mine Anymore’, I’m really happy with how it turned out but to be honest, I’m really excited about all of them.

If you were to go on tour with any artist of your choosing, who would it be?

The Dirty Projectors. I LOVE THEM… or St Vincent… or Tune-Yards. Any of them would be fine with me!

What is your favourite venue to play at and why?

I would like to play the State Theatre in Sydney. I’ve never played there but I’ve seen Rufus Wainwright and Sufjan Stevens there. It’s such a beautiful space with gorgeous sound.

Would you say the sound of this album differs from previous albums of yours?

YES. Dramatically. It is much more pop but it’s also super quirky. There is a lot of tension in the songs. Jack took all my jazz, folk and singer-songwriter influences and wrapped them up in a different sound world. A universe of synths, loops and drum machines. It’s magical!

Can we expect to hear any new tracks at your Boney and Brighton Up Bar launch shows?

Yup, all new material.

Any little unannounced shows or plans, you can reveal for the rest of 2014?

I am just about to unveil a video clip for ‘Panic Attack’ featuring me and a giant duck. And my new album will be out in October!


Elana Stone ‘Panic Attack’ single launch show dates:

Thursday August 21st @ Boney, Melbourne

Thursday September 4th @ Brighton Up Bar, Sydney