Part French and part Finnish duo The Dø show off their punchy moves in the clip for their latest track ‘Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy’.

The song, cut from the pair’s third studio album Shake Shook Shaken, is a slightly offbeat yet futuristic  pop tune with a catchy hook and a quirky beat that are complemented by Olivia Merilahti’s sharp vocals. The clip is a little like a 60s-action-flick-meets-martial-arts-movie that sees Merilhati don a red pilot jumpsuit while dancing atop a plane’s turbine engine as her musical partner (and partner-in-crime) Dan Levy rocks some seriously Top Gun-reminiscent attire.

The Dø will be heading our way to perform at the 2015 Sydney Festival of all things French appropriately titled So Frenchy So Chic on January 17 alongside La Femme and Emilie Simon.