It’s no secret that The Delta Riggs can write a seriously good pop tune, but is that all they are limited to? With the release of their second album Dipz Zebazios, The Delta Riggs explore everything from electronica-tinged rock to 70s psychedelic, with traces of hip-hop even appearing at points, too. It’s an ambitious record to say the least, but the vast variety is a refreshing sound to hear from the band known for their Stonesesque coke jams and raucous performances.

The record opens with the track ‘It’s Over’, which kicks off with beautiful psychedelia-infused pianos and flanging tambourines, somewhat resembling a much younger Kasabian. Although the song moves onto a more rock and pop orientated structure and sound, the underlying piano hook remains throughout the track. The opening song on the record, however, could have been a whole lot more creative and interesting had they continued with the sounds of the opening 50 seconds. A solid opener to the record that teases a potential of variety for the rest of Dipz Zebazios.

One of the more interesting and innovative songs from the album comes in the form of ‘Ornate Delicate Creatures’. Gorgeous, entrancing organ rings throughout this appropriately named song; the songwriting being simple, delicate and just really darned pretty. With the effected hip hop-styled drum beat, the noodling of a nylon string guitar and the heartfelt, entrancing vocals of Elliott Hammond (seriously though, what a name for a front-man), this would not be out of place on a Massive Attack or Gorillaz Release. ‘Ornate Delicate Creatures’ could easily be a big single for the band, and it’s really promising that a song like this was written for the album. With this track, The Delta Riggs prove they are more than just a rock band.

The rest of the album varies greatly; from the rock-tinged pop single ‘The Records Flawed’, which represents the signature sound of the band, to the innovative and strange inclusion of ‘No Friends’. In this song, Hammond channels a 1994 Will Smith with his scripted, humorous hip hop and Outkaststyle instrumental.

The clear standout on Dipz Zebazios (alright, i’m getting sick of typing that album name) is the singe from earlier this year, ‘Supersonic Casualties’; perhaps one of the best pop songs released in Australia this year. The psychedelic brit-rock sound The Delta Riggs have perfected over the years skyrockets in this song; it’s a clear, simple example of brilliant songwriting. Short stabs of guitars mixed with brilliant vocal harmonies make this song easy on the eardrums, as well as being extremely catchy. The highlight track of the album finishes with a ‘massive fuck off key-change’ — the key-change this album (and every album) desperately needed.

Dipz Zebazios is a solid release from start to finish. It’s clear it was crafted as an album as opposed to a collection of singles; so hats off to The Delta Riggs for that. With its variety of sounds, songwriting, and styles, this would be a fun one to see performed live. Although it’s not particularly original at its core, given that most tracks could be directly compared to another artist its done well enough for it not to be the main focus of attention. It’s a solid album with just enough room for improvement.


Dipz Zebazios is released today via Rah Rah Radio/Inertia Music.