After taking a break from the music scene for the past few years, Melbourne’s rock band Dallas Crane are back in full force with a new single, three official launches and a new album on the way.

You’re back on the music scene after taking a well-deserved break. What have you all been up to in the past few years?

Pete and I have been writing under different monikers, made a few albums between us, had a couple of kids each, and so on. I guess we wore ourselves out touring so hard and decided to take a breather before we started making records and turning in gigs that really sucked.

What was the inspiration for your new single titled Get Off The Dope? Did it have anything to do with smoking too much weed?

Yeah kinda, but not by taking any sort of moral position on it or anything like that. It’s really more about fucking up, and repeating those mistakes in a pathological manner. You know – like, “maybe give the dope away for a bit man, for Christ’s sake while you get your shit together!”

You have announced three Official Single Launches to date in Melbourne and Sydney, are there plans for an upcoming Australia-wide tour?

Down the line for sure, but I reckon it’d be on the back of an album release, rather than just a random tour for the hell of it. It’d also be subject to demand I guess, and whether we reckon we could fill all those rooms. We’d love to though. I really miss touring on that level.

What was the best part about touring with The Who, back in 2009?

Definitely the catering! And being able to tell everyone you toured with The Who for years to come. Playing at the F1 Gran Prix was a bit of a highlight looking out to about 70,000 people. One fond memory was Pete Townshend’s roadie who’s famously flash a torch at your feet if you got too close to him. “5 metres guys – 5 metres”, he’d blurt, meaning keep the hell away from Sir Pete while he’s making his way to the bain marie or whatever. Roger Daltrey had an apologetic laugh with us about that one!

If you could tour with anybody now, who would it be?

Don’t know. We kept making the shortlist for the last couple of Stones visits, so I guess that’d be fun. But you know – where do you start? We like touring with our mates, and band’s you know you’re going to have a good time with. They don’t have to be massive. But you can find our details at if you have a good paying national stadium pitch you want to run by us!

You have previously attracted three ARIA Award nominations, including Best Rock Album for your self-titled third studio album. Are you aiming toward another ARIA nomination?

As long as it’s not Best Adult Contemporary, or anything like that! Now’s about the time bands like us start making those easy-on-the-ear café rock classics that go well at baby showers and Tupperware nights. Please kill me already.

Do you prefer touring on the big stage, or taking it back to the intimate pub scene?

We like ‘em all. Getting on any stage for us is a success in itself. All have their charms. I guess if you’re touring the big stages there might be a little more money in the coffers for the fancy extras, so let’s run with that one.

How many tracks does your new album have and can you reveal any more information about it?

It’ll probably have about 10-12 tracks I guess, when we’ve got a worthy and congruous bunch. Pete and I had been writing individually for a couple of years until now, so it’s taken a little tampering to find the common earth again, being able to impress each other with ideas. But we’re both pretty stoked how it’s coming along so far though.

What inspired Dallas Crane to get together again and record a new album?

We both felt there was plenty more in the tank I guess. We hadn’t really been in a position where we could record and release whenever we felt like it since we started out. There was a time there when 15-20 people had to sign off on the sizzle tone of a hi-hat for Christ’s sake! It got pretty tedious. There’s no unrealistic expectations, or anybody sucking the life out of us anymore. We only really give shit about writing great songs and not making albums that SUCK!

You will be playing at Sydney’s brand new Newtown Social. Do you think it will be as good as its popular sister venue Northcote Social Club in Melbourne?

The guys that run the Social Club down here and the Corner have done a superb job in keeping them two of the most vital venues in Melbourne, so I can’t see why it would be any different up there. Sydney could do a lot worse. We’re really looking forward to it.

Saturday May 17th

Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW

Doors open: 8pm

DALLAS CRANE – 10.00pm

GRETA MOB – 8.45pm – 9.30pm