It’s only a matter of days before the public can get their hands on Huntly’s highly anticipated debut album, Low Grade Buzz. Set for release on March 15th, the 11-track album pays homage to conventions of alternative pop, techno, and indie music, while delivering raw and emotive lyrics, combined with unique sounds and catchy beats, that’ll remain with you far beyond the album’s conclusion.

Formed by a trio of like-minded creatives, the Melbourne-based group describes their sound as “doof you can cry to” and are mutually passionate about creating safe spaces, equality, and representation in music. Low Grade Buzz promises to be an experience that’ll leave you feeling empowered.

“It’s grief and sadness, but it’s also celebration and remembering what it means to be alive.” – Huntly on Low Grade Buzz

Huntly is made up of three key players, who’s work outside the group is just as important as the music they create. Lead singer and keys player, Elspeth Scrine is an art therapist who dedicates her life to fostering inclusive and transformative spaces through music; Percussionist and producer, Andrew McEwan oversees most of the album production, while also working as a music teacher for at-risk youths; And singer and producer, Charlie Teitelbaum is graduating RMIT University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (majoring in Sound Art).

Huntly in the video for their single “Wiggle”

Together the trio combine their talents, experience, and love of music, to create a meaningful and thought-provoking album. Elspeth, in particular, has a knack for songwriting, off the album she’s written Reckoning, Low Grade Buzz, Wiggle, and Drop Gear, which were originally entries from her diary that were later produced into songs. “I wrote a lot of these songs over the course of about six months, I was working through some pretty quintessential emotional rollercoasters of someone in their 20s.”

“These songs are inseparable from the stories and the people behind them, and they’re also inseparable from what we’ve built together, trying to work someone’s personal narrative into an engaging and fully fleshed out piece of music”  – Elspeth

When choosing the title for their debut album, they decided on Low Grade Buzz, “because that song itself felt like it captured the underlying mood of our project and the things that keep coming up.” Continuing on to describe the album, the band only had one comparison, “it’s that feeling you get on a Sunday night, if you’ve spent all weekend with people, connecting or trying to connect, watching, laughing, moving and breathing in public. And then the weekend is over and you’re alone in your privacy, thinking about who you are and what time is, and whether you are doing it right.”

This is one album that’ll have you hooked until the very last song. We for one can’t wait to see what more Huntly has yet to come.

Low Grade Buzz is set for release by Barely Dressed Records on March 15th.

Pre-order Low Grade Buzz here, and grab tickets to their upcoming tour below.

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