Image by Daisy Wu. 

“Is anyone not a fan of the F-word? No? Good, because if not, F*ck off!”

What better way to kick off a Winter Festival than bringing back the ever-popular comedy night to Clayton campus? This year the night featured the comical Dave Thornton from Fox FM’s Breakfast Show and ABC’s Upper Middle Bogan.

Dave Thornton’s has a particular knack for slick stand-up, being able to take a spontaneous moment in a show and turning it into something funny. Much of the content in the show centre on stories from his personal life, effortlessly transitioning between jokes ranging from technology to dating tips. Thornton manages to make his witty stories relatable and amusing for everyone.

Thornton was also joined by breakout comedian Luke McGregor from ABC’s Luke Warm Sex. He won Best Newcomer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2013. Anxious, a little awkward and brutally candid, McGregor is a one in a million as he shares his personal accounts of his unfortunate tinder experiences.  In fact, McGregor seems like the last type of person you would expect to take to the stage as a stand-up comedian. However, his frank and honest persona is endearing.

Following that, the hilarious Toby Halligan delivered his life’s insights on being gay in Melbourne, finding belonging in life with rapid-fire delivery, and taking a dig at the Liberal Party. He explains why we need better politicians, describing the clip of Tony Abbott eating a raw, unpeeled onion in detail. Good stuff!

Bart Freebairn also joined in for a night of rich laughs to add to all the fun. Despite being well built, he shrugs at the fact that he’s gain a lot of weight since his last tour due to all the cheesecake he’s had in his fridge. Professing his love for pies and cakes, he just “never knows when to stop!” 

In between the sets, comedy night also featured fellow student comedians – Doug Chappel and David Rose – comedians hand-picked from our own student comedy competition. Despite being up-and-coming comedians, these students still managed to come up with fresh material for their shows while sharing stories that were personal yet insightful – a huge achievement for a budding comedian.

Jokes aside (pun intended), this event was also in support of Youth Homelessness charity organisations, making the donations garnered for a worthy cause. It might have been a cold night outside, but the talents and the generosity warmed us up inside.