“Who are those fairies?”

None other than Client Liaison. Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller [AO] this morning performed their inaugural cover on triple j Like A Version — taking the unusual step of performing a mash-up of Christine Anu’s ‘Party’ and Regurgitator’s ‘! (Song Formerly Known As)’. They were joined by triple j Hack presenter Tom Tilly and Miller’s brother Geordie.

It’s needless to say that the synth pop duo’s version was distorted almost beyond comprehension to suit their 80s style — and by ’80s’, I mean lilac tracksuits, Camry rides to corporate events, contracts and ski lodges in the Swiss Alps. Sitting somewhere closer to Prince or Madonna than either Anu or Regurgiator, the duo nonetheless pulled off the cover seamlessly, almost passing it off as a song of their own.

And that wasn’t all. Viewers are treated to a humbled explanation from producer Harvey Miller about the downsides of one’s band consisting solely of two skinny guys, a keyboard and a sample pad or two. Rather than wheeling drums on stage, they wheel water coolers and fax machines. It’s not quite rock’n’roll, but it’s definitely something.

They also performed their second-most-recent single ‘Queen’; “a song of empowerment and expression”, in the triple j studio. Check it out: