This music video essentially ends where it began: a high-end soiree overrun by 80s corporates drinking Fosters. There’s scandal, of course; and there are ice statues too. It’s nothing particularly unusual for Client Liaison.

‘Pretty Lovers’ is the synth pop duo’s eighth single from their self-titled debut EP, on which there are eight songs. This means that finally the whole EP can be listened to via a succession of music videos – little surprise given Client Liaison’s seeming fascination with 80s imagery and VHS effects. The synth banger (which is especially reminding of this banger), speaks of glamorous sentiments like ‘breakfast parties’, ‘potions to sleep through the daytime’ and ‘gettin’ it on under those summertime lights’. Business deals and contracts also dominate the video, but then, I guess that’s what you can expect from a band entitled Client Liaison.