Melbourne maestros of nostalgic dance-pop Client Liaison have released their music video for ‘Groove The Physical’ just in time for the holiday season (as well as this glorious press shot).

Filmed at the instantly recognisable Melbourne nightclub Hugs & Kisses and directed by friend and collaborator Thomas Moody, this high production video is set in a futuristic, yet somehow dated Tokyo dance club.

Following a vague plot, this clip follows a sleazy yet high-end night on the town with the duo. With neon Japanese  subtitles and a colour scheme to match, this video sees Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller AO hit the mark aesthetically once again.

With the high production value of the actual clip itself, it’s easy to forget how solid the song is in its own right as well. Chic-esque disco guitars, bumping 80’s synth bass and a catchy chorus. This song has all the ingredients for a infectious dance-pop banger.

Client Liaison‘s self titled EP is out now via Remote Control


“Put it on the company card. Too much is never enough. Think nothing. Feel everything. Pleasure is good. Fantasy is truth. Experience Client Liaison.”