Northcote sister duo Charm of Finches have spent countless weekends of their young lives busking the streets of Fairfield and raising money on crowd-funding site Pozible to put together their gorgeous debut EP Home. The result is a well-rounded set of six songs that demonstrates both musical and songwriting abilities well beyond their tender teenage years (Mabel is 14, Ivy is 11).

The EP already has a steady stream of local supporters – both young and old, in the industry and not. All agree that despite the girls’ young age, the Windred-Wornes sisters quite maturely explore themes of love, loss, longing and nature, a la The Mae Trio and their idols First Aid Kit (the latter being a major influence on not just the music, but the girls’ image as well). Home is a fleeting look into the minds of two observant and romantic young women as they explore typical teenage anxieties with poetic and instrumental finesse.

On the titular track ‘Home’, they view the world around them through wondrous, adventurous eyes, whilst ‘Tears’ is a far more insular exploration of loneliness and turmoil. They fight, they cry, they wander and they want, but their grown-up harmonies and lyrical prose disguise the banality of their inexperienced, adolescent minds with such sweet, sweet sounds. Older sister Mabel’s exceptionally advanced vocal lilt swings each song between beauty and melancholy, supported by gentle acoustic guitar strumming, cello and Ivy on the glockenspiel.

‘It Isn’t Fair’ sounds like the typical, bratty exclamation of a teenager, but the song’s lyrics are far deeper than the usual whinge between siblings or parents. Mabel repeats: “finally I’ve got some time to breathe”, perhaps a comment on the bittersweet repercussions of juggling school and musical pursuits. ‘Ordinary School Girl’ is the only clear indication of the age of the girls as they cast their cutesy (and potentially jealous) opinions on the flirtatious tendencies of a shallow classmate.

Feelings of nostalgia are evoked in ‘Remembering’, as well as the tender chorus of closing track ‘Way Back Down the Track’; ending the EP with a lingering and beautiful last impression. Every song is goose-bump inducing and leaves the listener keen to hear more from the delightful Charm of Finches as they kick off their burgeoning and well-deserved career. With performances alongside Clare Bowditch on her Winter Secrets tour, and appearances on local radio already under their belt, the girls look set to have a promising music career underway before they’ve even finished school!