Broods are the brother-sister pop music duo reigning from Auckland, New Zealand. The pair have been working closely with the producer of Lorde’s debut album Joel Little, and have recently released their own debut single Bridges. They took some time off to answer our questions ahead of their highly anticipated album release.

You have been working closely with producer Joel Little who produced Lorde’s debut album. Have you wanted to work with him for a while?
We have known and worked with him a bit over the last three years, and Georgia and I wanted to start this project. He was fully on board from the start and has been a huge part in the development of our sound and us as people as well. The thing with Joel is that he’s not just a producer very much a mentor to all artists he works with.

You have been associated with Lorde because of that relationship, is Lorde an inspiration for you?

Of course when you work with the same producer you are going to get comparisons, especially with the insane success Ella is experiencing. Ella is definitely inspiration for any up and coming artists in New Zealand, there is this growing confidence in New Zealand music after witnessing her success in the international market.

What musicians would you like to collaborate with?
We are huge fans of SOHN at the moment and anyone he collaborates with. So we would definitely love to work on some stuff with him in the future.

Being new to the industry, how do you cope with the workload and pressure?
It’s quite overwhelming and it’s been a lot to get used to! But when you’re going through all these experiences with someone as close as a sibling it definitely makes life a lot easier; to have that support from each other and someone is always watching your back whether you like it or not haha.

Wellington is known as ‘the place to be’ if you’re a musician in New Zealand. How does Auckland compare?

I would say the tables have definitely turned and in my opinion Auckland is now the place for new artists, as everything is there and there is so much international attention in Auckland!

What’s your inspiration behind your new single Bridges?

(Georgia) I wrote it when I was in bed one night and I was thinking about everything that had happened between me and my high school friends and I just started to write the words to Bridges. The next day I turned it into a depressing demo and sent it to Caleb. He really liked it so we built it up and made it into something a bit more uplifting.

Is it true you are currently working on an album to be released in August?

Yeah that’s the aim at the moment but apparently these things take more time than we thought haha. But if all goes to plan late August will be the time!

Do you have any plans to go on tour to celebrate the release?

Yeah there are plans for tours around Aus in early August, and in the US. We are already playing new material in our shows at the moment so if anyone wants a sneak preview you’re going to have to come watch us play!

What is your favourite instrument? Did you know you wanted to be a musician from a young age?

(Caleb) I have played guitar since I was seven so I would definitely have to say the trusty gat would be my fave,although I’ve always wanted to play the sax!