Melbourne band Better Than The Wizards have had audiences up and dancing throughout Victoria in recent years and now their bringing their good vibes to The Hifi Bar Friday 14th February for their debut album launch!

Check out what the boys had to say to us and while you’re at it, purchase some tickets for Friday night here, it’s sure to be a good time!


1. You have such a diverse mix of genres within your music, was it hard to find an engineer who could cater for your wide range of sound?

It kind of just fell into place! Our ex-guitarist and great friend of ours Matthew Neighbour is now an engineer at Sing Sing Studios. He did some work with us and then put us onto a few other engineers for the album including Robin Mai who we ended up working with. We really enjoyed the music Robin had engineered in the past including The John Butler Trio and Augie March. The bonus for us was that Robin had engineered horns and eclectic music before and that he dug our sound. He’s a legend!


2. This album has been a while in the making, how does it feel to have it done and ready for release? 


You can’t wipe the smile off our faces at the minute. The sweat and passion that has gone into this makes the reward sweet. Our aim at the beginning of this process was to produce something we could be proud of in years to come and we have achieved that goal!


3. What was it like working with Robin Mai? 

Professional, relaxed, fun, encouraging and reassuring.


4. Where was the album recorded?

Woodstock Studio in St Kilda and Sing Sing Studios in Cremorne.


5. You guys used a pozible campaign to help fund the recording of the album; did you expect the support you got from this campaign?

Certainly not to the level we received! The target was reached within half the time, which was astonishing. We are forever grateful to all of our supporters!


6. Having a look at your Facebook page its clear you guys love to have a laugh and share this with your fans, how important has social media been in your career so far?

Our motto within the band has always been to never take ourselves too seriously. Social media has been great for us but we are trying to use it wisely! You know engaging without over saturating! Haha we love connecting with our friends and fans and we don’t think bands can underestimate the value of engagement, connectedness to fans and collaboration.


7. You’re playing at the St Kilda Fest this year and have played a couple of festivals in the past like Queenscliff and Riverboats, do you prefer playing festivals over venue based shows?

St Kilda and Riverboats last year were certainly a hoot but not necessarily! Our aim is to be a regular on festival bills but getting sweaty with our fans in a packed venue like Cheery bar, Ding Dong and The Toff twice last year is stupid fun! With a bit of luck our launch at The Hi Fi on Valentine’s Day will be the same!


8. Your previous singles ‘Take a Chance’ and ‘Up All Night’ are a lot of fun, can we expect the same sort of vibe from the upcoming album? 

Absolutely we have some fun tracks on there. We have a few tender moments that really show off the musicianship of our horns and guitar.  We really wanted to make an interesting album with a bit of something for everyone.


9. What else is in store for 2014? Any tours on the horizon after the album launch?

Some dates to announce soon including, The Evelyn in Fitzroy and some ventures to Sydney and Adelaide. We will also have a couple if not a few film clips through 2014 to compliment the album. Watch out for some Pirate themed fun soon!


10. You’ve played a lot of venues are gigs, if you could play anywhere in the world where would it be?

At The Hi Fi on Valentine’s Day! Hahah Sneaky Plug! See what we did there?

Meredith Music Festival

Blues Fest at Bryon

Glastonbury Festival

The list goes on!


Better Than The Wizards

Friday February 14

The Hi Fi, Melbourne 

With support from The Simon Wright band and Soul Safari