Melbourne multi-intstrumentalist Tyler Millot doesn’t make music which is easy to categorise. It has a bombastic energy, and an excellent balance of the quiet and loud. Under the moniker of The Terrifying Lows, Tyler has crafted a grunge pop anthem that drips with infectious energy. ‘Cool With It’, his debut single, puts forward an artist with unique qualities, retaining an accessibility and pop sensibility.

We had Tyler take us behind the track and offer us some background on how it came to be, and how it developed.

“‘Cool With It’ was recorded and mixed by producer David Turner. The foundations of the track were laid down with 3 other songs at Sing Sing Studios, where we spent a grand total of two days, and completed at Turner’s studio Los Bomberos in Northcote. The song features drummer Andrew Braidner (Ali Barter) and guitarist Fabien Hunter (Zoe Fox and the Rocket Clocks) as well vocals, guitars and bass from yours truly (Tyler Millott).

Before we started recording what will soon be an EP, I had 4 songs ready that did not include ‘Cool With It’. However, after the songs inception I couldn’t just let it sit by waiting to be put on some future body of work. It was very clear immediately after the songs written completion that it should be the first taste of what The Terrifying Lows had to offer.

‘Cool With It’ explores the idea of a toxic relationship from the point of view of a protagonist who sees themselves as a victim. I feel like most of us victimise ourselves when our romantic relationships go sour and it’s quite easy to lose sight of the constant pushing and pulling that a two person partnership is. I know I have seen myself in that position (as Cool With It conveys) even if I’m aware that it always takes two to tango!”