Melbourne based outfit The Glorious North have just released their new single ‘The Widow’ taken from their debut LP. Their slacker country sound builds on classic guitar based music, while adding a modern lo-fi twist. We had the band take us behind the track to give us a bit more background on how it came to be.

“I’m pretty sure I had been listening to ‘The Long Black Veil’ just before writing The Widow. Murder and love were on my mind. So when I sat down at the kitchen table, (The Widow is one of the few songs I have a very clear memory of writing) the chords rung out and the words just started to come. 

But instead of a man wrongly accused of murder, like in The Long Black Veil, I wrote the story of a man murdering on the basis of wrongful accusations; murdering for love, unrequited. Trust me kids, it’s a no-no. 

I brought it to the band and they ripped it apart like a rat in a Jack Russell’s teeth. Lovely pace, tasty guitars and a bass line that rolls in like waves on a moonlit ocean — beautiful, but deadly if you dive in. Sort of like the song’s muse herself.”