Sydney’s SEVSONS are on the brink of releasing their new EP, and the recent single ‘Evolution’ offers listeners a tantalising sample of what’s to come. We had SEVSONS take us behind the track to offer some insight into the single, and to also discuss the pending EP release.

How does the music making process begin for you?

We’re constantly writing songs, so it might be something that we come up with together at band practice, or it might be an awesome riff that Chris comes up with at home. We usually get together on Saturdays and start to work through what we’ve got for a song, demoing as we go along. Or sometimes, Chris will have some creative inspiration and have half the song written, at which point, myself, Harrison and Chris will start tweaking it until we settle on something we all like. It’s a fairly democratic system, and we all have a fair bit of input, although for some songs, Chris will have fleshed out the majority and it’s on point, so it’s just a matter of fine tuning here and there.

Do you write the music or the lyrics first?

Definitely the music comes first. At that point, usually I’ll have some time to listen and work with the instrumental, and I’ll come back with a proposed melody and usually the bulk of the lyrics. We’ll then sit down and see what fits best, and we’ll go through the lyrics and fix them up, with Chris and H having their input on what lyrics sounds best; and also coming up with some absolute banger lyrics themselves.

What time of day do you prefer to write music? When are you most creative?

Speaking for myself here, it’s at night, when I’m in a certain mood, usually somewhat dejected or feeling restless with where I am in life, that’ll spark some lyricism and I’ll put together some melodies. As for the band as a group, Saturday during the day is definitely our go to time for writing.

What challenges did you face while making the EP?

I think the biggest challenge is what the hell did we want to do with this EP? We knew that the album we released wasn’t at the standard we wanted, so we had to approach the song writing differently. I know Chris put a lot of time into coming up with some awesome riffs and fleshing out a lot of the songs, and we spent a lot of time refining and demoing the EP in full before we went into studio. ‘Evolution’ is a product of this song writing process.

Who was the first person you played the EP to in its entirety?

We had a bit of a pre-Christmas party at a friends house and we played it to about 8 friends and they were really blown away. They really loved ‘Evolution’ and the rest of the EP, that was a great feeling, knowing that people thought the songs were of the quality we were aiming for.

Describe the EP in three words.

Immersive, emotive, powerful.

You can catch SEVSONS on July 15th at Rad Bar in Wollongong