Sydney-sider and lo-fi psychedelic producer Raindrop has recently released his new single ‘Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream’, following on from his successful releases of singles ‘Only Hope’ and ‘Another World. We had Raindrop take us behind the track, to give us some insight into how it came to be.

“‘Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream’ actually has quite a strange story as to how it was recorded. The song was originally just a few chords and a melody that I came up with on an old, dodgy Farfisa Organ and the initial idea was that it was going to be a very simple, sentimental ballad.

The process of recording this song actually started in mid- 2015, a year before the recording of the album even began.  After showing the group my original idea, we decided to start taking the songs to ridiculously weird places and letting the tape machine capture everything we did. This resulted in us having 30 minutes worth of this wacked out track.

About a year later we then set out to record the song in the middle of all the other album tracks. With quite a few very strange sections, the song was quite difficult to get right as tempo changes and time signatures were all over the place. After spending a weekend recording drums, we were left with a perfect front half, but the end wasn’t right! So, I decided to splice (chop) the tape and attach the back half of one of the demos we recorded in 2015. This moment occurs at the very start of the ¾ section where the entire song becomes instrumental.

This suited the nature of the song perfectly, as it’s based on the idea of trying to overcome your reliance on something your mind depends on and how scattered and all over the place you get whilst trying to overcome that reliance.

My songwriting partner and girlfriend, Hunter Atari and I are both constantly giving each other advice when these difficult moments occur, so sometimes listening it even sounds like I’m trying to give myself the advice. This theme was a large inspiration to the entire theme of the album as this song is definitely just another ‘Mild Meltdown.’”


You can  catch Raindrop at his album launch on Saturday the 14th of July at Waywards (The Bank Hotel) in Newtown, Sydney, with Egosim and a RIYM DJ set. Check out the event here.