Sydney’s PLANET have just dropped their stunning new single ‘Save.Sold’, an undulating, entrancing number. We wanted to learn a little bit more about the nature and background of the track, so we had a couple of PLANET members run us through how ‘Save.Sold’ came to be.

Matty Took, vocals:

Save.Sold started off as a piss-take thing I used to do on guitar.

I used to play the riff chord progression in a Bossa nova style. I recorded that into protools and tried to write any riff that could fit over it (ended up being the final one). I decided to chuck a random verse chord progression in with gibberish vocals, singing a basic melody. The chorus came easier as it’s only 2 chords with fewer lyrics.

I brought this demo (along with ‘Aching Dream’) to the band before we did pre-production for our upcoming debut EP, in a rehearsal studio in the Central Coast. It became a clear favourite and it instantaneously sounded huge with just a four-piece.

Tom Peppitt, guitar:

We had a lot of fun tracking this song. It’s a big step in a different direction to our last tune ‘Aching Dream’, this one having more drive and grit to it, but the two tracks set the tone for our forthcoming EP. We felt like ‘Save.Sold’ had a lot of organic energy when we were jamming it up in the Central Coast, so Matt and I spent our time in the studio pulling dirtier guitar tones and bigger sounds. It’s got a real industrial vibe to it and is definitely one of the heavier tracks off the EP.

Matty engineered ‘Save.Sold’ with Lachlan Mitchell (Jezebels, Little Bastard), who also mixed the track. Steve Smart (Studios 301) mastered the song.