Newcastle’s seminal post-punk outfit PALS have returned with their new single ‘Consumed’ – it’s a raw, rough-around-the-edges, bombastic number which is just dripping with energy. We had the band offer us a little bit of insight into how the track came to be.

“‘Consumed’ was written in the back half of last year and took probably around 3 months to finish writing. We had the first half of the song written, a rough ending and some vocal melodies in mind but we weren’t too happy with the overall song. We wanted the song to uphold a good balance between heaviness and melody but not be overly complicated. I came up with the ending riff before band practice one day and showed the other members to see what they thought.

As we started to jam it out it definitely changed our perspective of the song, to the point where it stood out as the strongest track from the few we had been working on. The lyrics came later on and deal with overcoming social anxiety and everything that comes with that. Fraser, our drummer, recorded, mixed and mastered the track over a few days in his front room. We’re pretty happy with how it all came out and how its been received and super eager to release a few more in 2018.”