Rag N’ Bone are no more – in their place is New Talk, a new iteration of the same band. Their debut album has been receiving a lot of deserved attention, and the Perth outfit are on their way to bigger and better things with their ndew identity. Their single ‘Red Tuesday’ is a gorgeous, minimalistic, enveloping affair which gradually picks up pace until it is an all out, rollicking anthem.

The band took us behind the track to give us some insight on how it came to be, and what it means to them.

Red Tuesday‘s initial bloom was during a long, cold Winter drive through Gippsland in South-Eastern Victoria, the place of my birth. I was reflecting about my family, most of whom still reside in the area, and after spending lots of time gazing at the grazing cows and green rolling pastures, started to write a disconnected poem about memory. Thankfully, it blended well with the band’s idea of some extreme dynamic variation and wanting to try something different and harmonically static.

Dave Parkin, resident magician, helped us record us and we really tried to capture the atmosphere of some impeding doom by wall of fire, be it physical or otherwise. Particular highlights of recording included Jamie beating the shit out of his skins in his first take, Sara taking a grand total of two takes for the whole bloody thing, Kiera’s splendid ideas about arrangement, atmosphere and chaos and thankfully a deleted Mellotron overdub I tried to shoehorn in at the end as a misguided tribute to the Crimson King. Hope you enjoy the track!”