Adelaide’s Neon Tetra have only been on the Australian scene a short time, but they’ve already started to make a name for themselves, and with each new single they’ve released, they’ve managed to take their sound in a new and surprising direction. The track is called ‘The End Begins Again’ and it is accompanied by a slick, hilarious video shot on gorgeous 8mm film, directed by Mickey Mason. It’s a bizarre surrealist affair with Kafka-esque overtones. We had the band take us behind the track, to give us some insight on how it came to be, and what influenced its creation.

‘With our previous Single ‘Run From The Ruins’, we wrote and recorded the song in one weekend – we tracked the drums in one take with a SM58 on the kick, SM57 on snare and a single NT1-A mono overhead, inspired by Kevin Parker’s raw minimal production technique for Tame Impala circa ‘Lonerism’. 

With our new single ‘The End Begins Again’ (the first track from our upcoming EP ‘Pollen’), we wanted to step up our production to the next level. We booked time at ‘Deep Blue Studios’ (in Adelaide) and spent a lot of energy working with our producer Reid Jones getting the tone right – especially for the drums. While working on the track we’d been listening to a heap of Motown records – Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and were craving that tape saturated drum sound. The keyboard parts were played in on a Sequential Prophet-6 analog synth with minimal in-the-box processing. ‘The End Begins Again’ features a lot of saxophone – hornlines are a big part of our music. Our keys player Dan wrote and performed the main sax riff, and our producer Reid played the ripping alto solo towards the end. For the finishing touches, we sent the track off to London to be mastered by Mike Marsh who’s worked with some of our favourite artists including Phoenix, Oasis and Bjork.’ 


You can catch Neon Tetra on the following dates around the country on their ‘The End Begins Again’ tour. 

May 5th Chateau Apollo Adelaide

May 25th Elsewhere Bar Gold Coast

May 26th Netherworld Brisbane

May 27th The Evelyn Melbourne (MATINEE)

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