Jack Biilmann is one of Australia’s fastest rising blues and roots musicians. He’s recently released his new single ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, and we had Jack take us behind the track.

How did the single making process begin for you?

The subject matter of the single is an ongoing thing is my life at the moment and I wanted to write about it. That was the starting point.

Do you write the music or the lyrics first?

Always with a guitar riff or chord progression. But the entire process is never consistent. Some tunes the verses come first others the chorus etc.

What time of day do you prefer to write music? When are you most creative?

Too be honest its ever changing. Sometimes I cannot sleep at night because songs are jumping around in my head. I also get really anxious and driven to write so sometimes that can work for or against me. Id say the most productive time is from 8pm-12am

What challenges did you face while making the single?

The lyrics for this single and the song structure took some time to finalise. I wanted to take a new approach to the song and get out go my comfort zone which i found was easier said than done. But apart from that It was smooth sailing

Who was the first person you played the single to in its entirety?

Kojo Ansah in pre-production. I came to Kojo with two songs that I thought were single worthy and we discussed the sound I wanted to achieve, the production influence and basically showed him the general vibe of the track in its bare bones state.

Describe the single in three words.

Subliminal, Groovy, Fresh

You can catch Jack Billman on the tour across the following dates:

July 7th The Wesley Anne Melbourne
July 19th Jindabyne Brewery Jindabyne
July 20th The Alpine Cooma
July 21st The Abbey Canberra
July  26th & 27th The Eiger Perisher
August 4th The Vic Wagga Wagga
August 5th The Bended Elbow Albury
August 10th The Captain Cook Hotel Sydney
August 12th Hamilton Station Newcastle
August 18th Rad Bar Wollongong