The fantastic South Australian indie sensation Hen has just dropped her latest single ‘In Red’ – it’s an infectious, sensual, and downright fun number executed flawlessly. Hen took us behind the track to offer us some more background on how it came together, and to came to be.

  • It was a rainy day, I was in pyjama pants and an oversized hoodie sitting at my dining table with a hot cup of peppermint tea across from my co-writer Nick, armed with an acoustic guitar. We’d already written two songs that day so we were on a bit of a roll when I suggested we try something a bit different. I wanted to write something a bit sultry, a bit sexy. Nick came up with a guitar line that was exactly that and I made him loop it over and over again for the next hour or so while I crafted a melody and lyrics to match it. That’s generally how songwriting goes these days, if it’s a good day. On bad days it’s just Nick looping something for hours and me scrunching up a lot of paper and looking frustrated.

  • In Red was originally quite bluesy and much slower than it’s final iteration. After Nick and I wrote the track, we recorded a draft and then I went to work with my drummer, Eli, arranging it with different instrumentation and a whole new vibe. I got some odd looks while I was trying to explain the sound I was after but eventually we got it to a place that made sense and sent it to Alistair Chant in the UK for the final touches. He changed it up again and added even more sass (which I love!).

  • The song itself comes from a  very painful place. I was put in a situation a few years ago where I felt very threatened and compared unfavourably to another woman. It’s such a horrible feeling, my self esteem was very damaged and it took a lot to rebuild it.

  • As girls, we’re brought up to see other women as the enemy. Movies tell us that other women are threats, that they’ll steal your partner or show you up. That if another girl is viewed as prettier than you then your worth as a person is gone. It’s such rubbish and it just sets us back.

  • I had a choice when I went to write this song. I could have written a blistering song about the other woman to try and claw back some feeling of power over my situation. But thankfully I am surrounded by amazing, strong, wonderful, empowering women and because of this I was able to see differently and make a different choice. I saw that this ‘Other Woman’ was just being herself and shining in her own beautiful way. You can’t hate someone for that and truth be told, I had been in her shoes previously. I had been the woman in red and I can tell you that it’s no more comfortable on that side of the coin. I realised somewhere along the way that we’re all the same really, just looking for love and trying to hold onto a sense of ourselves and our self esteem along the way. I wrote In Red, not as a take down but as a celebration of women and femmes. We’re all “In Red” which to me is a state of being beautiful, intelligent, powerful and capable.The media and society so often vilify women who don’t fit into a certain box. In red throws away that box and challenges the notion of ‘That kind of girl’ in a fun, sassy way you can dance to. I love the final version. It’s so much fun to move to and perform on stage. It feels uplifting in a way I don’t feel I’ve been able to write previously.