The single “Money Can’t Buy Class” is taken from Hayley Marsten’s latest EP Lonestar and this sassy, fun, and, catchy single is definitely a good follow up to her previous singles: “Until You” and “Second Fiddle”, both of which have cracked the Top 30 in the Australian Country Airplay charts. Produced by Matt Fell at Love Hz Studios, the single not only showcases the vocals that took Hayley to the Top 10 in the Toyota Star Maker competition but also her unique, soulful and self aware way of storytelling.

Here’s what Hayley had to tell us about the new track:

‘The title of this song was actually inspired by Mum.  It’s a saying she likes to use all the time. We were having a conversation about a girl who had a lot of nasty things to say about me, about how I wouldn’t be able to pull off designer bags or fancy things. She had everything money could buy apparently, but she wouldn’t know class if it bit her in the ass. The thing is, you should never be nasty to anyone, because you never know who is a songwriter.  She’s got all her fancy things but I have a cracker of a song and I’ll take that any day. It took me a little while to write it though, I was very meticulous with every word because I kinda wanted to make sure I got the last word and said everything I wished I had the chance to say, which is the best part of songwriting!

I recorded this song with Matt Fell at LoveHz studio as part of my EP Lonestar, which was such an amazing experience. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted for the EP but Matt took those and made them even better. ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’ was a song that was a really big stand out for my when we recorded it, I’d always loved it and been proud of it, but the production Matt did on it really took it somewhere else. I started thinking about the music video for this song when I was in the recording studio in 2016. I really wanted to make people laugh with it because it is a sassy and tongue in cheek song. We finally shot it in February this year in my hometown of Gladstone in Central Queensland. We used a lot of the silly ideas I’d had in the recording studio almost two years prior, like the fake ‘Hayley’ money getting thrown at me with a leaf blower, the no silicone t-shirt, the bath tub and my tooth ‘falling out’ which is a reference to a Taylor Swift video, and there’s a ‘Friends’ reference in there too. We also got some friends, family and fans of mine involved too which was really special – to be able to involve them in this very special video to kinda say thank you for all their support. This video is a very accurate representation of my personality and sense of humor, no one takes the piss outta me better than me!’


Cover image credit: ‘Tegan Neilsen and Wytchphotos’