Melbourne’s Gamjee have made a name for themselves on the local scene with their fuzz drenched sound, peppered with psych and garage influences. Their latest release ‘William H. Vanderbilt’s Vampire’ is a rollicking good time on all fronts. Three of the band members gave us some insight into the track, and how it came to be.

Sam [Vocals, Guitar, Pasta chef] – “The riff to this song, like all favourite melodies, came out of the shower in the morning. So the bulk of the song was written naked and wet on my bed, but it was boring as hell until we got into a room together and worked on it. This song was the first to be written off this EP that showed us that we should have fun with riffs and try and push out of conventional shapes and patterns.”

Jack [Bass, Really nice guy] – “Gamjee had only just started when I first heard the riff Sam had come up with for the song, but I remember it. It was night time, it was probably cold and we were in a backyard studio. As he slammed his fuzz on and began, I remember gripping my bass and thinking ‘shit, he’s not screwing around here’. The riff has some real doomy power to it, it’s aggressive but also quite dark. It was lots of fun working out all the other parts especially the solo. I feel like the whole song builds up to the solo and it’s a big release, it was especially invigorating early on.”

Lily [Vocals, Kazoogelhorn, Ballet legend] – “The first part of Vampire I got to see was the lyrics. Sam sent them to me to look at and I was interested by the dark fairytale vibe it presented. I sat on the floor as everyone built their parts and the song just got thicker and nastier. Then I got up, kazoogelhorn in one hand and the confusing harmony in the other and we all played it together for the first time and it was just great and I was damn excited.”