Sunshine Coast’s premiere alt-rock band Flaskas are back, with their new single ‘Feeling The Rhythm’. The track utilises various native instruments, bringing a world music vibe to the proceedings.

We had singer Chris Flaskas take us behind the track, to give us a bit more of an idea of how it came to be.

“I was out in the waves one morning really thinking about what is it to surf a wave and the fact that when your in the rhythm you take more risks turning closer to the pocket getting a real epic more for-filling ride and on the opposite when your fearful or doubting your ride or hesitant you stay way out the front missing the best parts. This is when the concept of ‘Feeling the Rhythm’ was birthed. It made me think about the power we as humans hold in our ability to choose… our freewill one would say. I wrote this song as a reminder that I choose my life and the way it unfolds, more importantly how I choose to view life and what I make of it. We recorded ‘Feeling the Rhythm’ live as a band at Heliport Studios to first Generation tape the old school way which was a buzz and an amazing experience. The vintage, beaten, worn and howling lead guitar tones came from my year 12 Tech Studies project which was a home made strat copy electric guitar which was a cool addition to the uniqueness of ‘Feeling the Rhythm’ . Actually all instruments used were either custom made or pure wood finishes. Wood was a re occurring organic theme in the weaving of ‘Feeling The Rhythm’. We had two guests performances from Kate Partens (Dubbary) and Damian Khoury (Bearfoot). One cool moment in the production stage was where Damien on keys recorded the pulsing keys rhythm throughout the verses that gave it that ‘Meg Mac’ feel. Even tho we did extensive pre production we didn’t originally have that part in the mix. The track was missing something and a thought was sprung to add that style of playing in one of the sessions  Instantly we all looked at each other and “ Feeling the Rhythm’ was complete.”