Bobby Alu‘s latest single ‘Move’ is a song about the push, pull and flow of life. The single is the first glimpse of new material from Alu since 2015’s Bay Sessions EP. Over the past few years, Alu has been lending him immaculate percussion skills to Xavier Rudd‘s tour as a drummer. Now, he is back focusing on his own stellar material.

We had Bobby Alu take us inside the new single ‘Move’.

“Developing the music and lyrics behind this song was a three-year journey during a time when I was touring and performing all around the world. It started out as a sketch from an almost Spanish sounding chord progression on ukulele, and then sat at the bottom of the song pile for a while. I wasn’t happy with the original song but for some reason over time I kept going back there and working it.

Looking back I think I valued the song’s concept and it helped me find peace with the ups and downs of daily life. I remember working on Move in the rainforest of Ubud, at beaches in Samoa, Ghana and Sardinia, and also in a farm house in the Swiss Alps. I spent a month in Nungua, Ghana playing drums for seven hours a day so there’s definitely that rhythmic foundation in the recording.

It had been a lifelong dream to learn drums in Africa, and last year I finally got it together, hustled contacts and made some space in my life to make it happen. I had four teachers, share-housed with 16 others, showered from a bucket, ate with my hands and had an amazing experience. Then I took my demos to my good friend Paulie B, and we hit Yamanui Studio on the Sunshine Coast, added a Jamaican roots style bass line, Tahitian ukulele and some other world music flavours.”

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