Songwriter extraordinaire Aspy Jones has just released his stunning new video for his single ‘Hatches’, the first cut to be released from his upcoming EP due for release later this year.

We wanted to understand a bit more about how the track came to be, so we had Aspy Jones take us behind the track.

“I wrote ‘Hatches’ when a friend of mine was going through a really low point in their life. It highlights the struggles of living with depression and how we have to trust people to help us get through those bad times. It’s also about remembering that this darkness is only temporary and focusing on what really matters can help. I’m only 20 but it saddens me to see how many people my age who have everything to live for are affected by depression.

Even though it’s not exactly a happy topic, I wanted it to have an upbeat, positive message and not be somber. I recorded the track with James North in Brisbane and he knew exactly the sound that I wanted to achieve. It’s such a big song and people kept telling me that they could really connect with the lyrics so I knew it had to be the first release off the EP.”

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