Copenhagen-based artist M.I.L.K. (aka Emil Wilk) has just released his extravagant, fantastic EP Maybe I Love Kokomo. M.I.L.K combines alternative pop with 70s soul and disco influences to create a truly exhilarating sound.

M.I.L.K took us behind the EP to give us a taste of how it came to be.

“With this EP I wanted to build on the same beachy vibe as the first EP, but with these songs I was aiming for more “dancing on the beach” than “chilling on the beach.” I drew inspiration from new places and started hitting the dancefloor a lot, to explore how my body reacts to various type of beats. It was a super fun process.

In many ways this EP is the first time I’ve felt completely at ease with my own taste, I didn’t think about other people’s ears and opinion – the only thing that guided my choices was how my body reacted to each track. This may sound stupid, but it was a total liberating feeling to just dive into the writing process without any other compass than my body movements.

Personally that experience has been a life changer. I feel more confident in all human interactions and artistic choices now. Even my live show has been affected – now I just dance and sing and enjoy. It’s another kind of energy than the shows I did before this EP. It’s super cliche, but people just give so much more back now when they see a guy that just switches off his brain and goes with the vibe of the songs. At least that’s my experience so far.”