In describing Babaganoüj‘s ‘Bluff’, I’m lost for most words besides ‘1990s campus rock’. The newest single from the Brisbane quartet features the crystalline, American-accented vocals of front woman Harriette Pilbeam layered over some good old fashioned power chords. Textbook formula college rock.

A simple pop song about a decaying relationship, and perhaps more emotive than their previous releases; the song rolls along to a changing drumbeat while maintaining a steady, simple melody. The song is straightforward, catchy, and essentially, very easy listening.

Filmed in a garage, the D I Y music video mostly consists Pilbeam’s gaze fixed on the camera barrel as the backgrounds (and other band members) move around washed in psychedelic camera filters.

Babaganoüj will play an East Coast tour to launch the single:


Babaganoüj Tour Poster