Our home is full of incredible artists, making all sorts of incredible music. Once again, we’ve done some digging for some of the awesome music that is cropping up around this lovely continent of ours.

New Venusians – Get Along

This collective from Sydney features a seven person line up. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that they have an overwhelming sound – their latest single ‘Get Along’ is a tight, refined and spacious work that never feels crowded. Built on a solid foundation of washed out guitars, hip-hop inspired grooves and flawless harmonies, ‘Get Along’ draws its influence from a multitude of sources, and re-imagines those influences in a new context that is bold, engaging, fresh, original and above all a whole lot of fun. The group have rightfully been receiving increasing recognition and air play around the country, and ‘Get Along’ is the latest single from their self titled album to be released on the 24th of March through Fresh Selects.

The Floors – Pills

Perth outfit The Floors have just released this single, and it simply oozes cool. Raucous and hair raising, the track is unrelenting in its pace, and the delivery both vocally and instrumentally is rough around the edges in style, but performed to perfection. There is a loose, live atmosphere to the song, but it still has an element of meticulous orchestration. Clocking in at just under two minutes, ‘Pills’ reaches a high with immediacy, and doesn’t let up from there on out. Short, sharp, sweet and hectic.

Near Myth – Idiot Mystic

A pure, pop masterpiece. There isn’t really much that needs to be said about Near Myth‘s debut album; listening to it is all the convincing you need. Cleverly combining gentle electronics with organic instrumentation, the album has so many different lives breathed into it throughout. 80’s inspired synthesiser lines sit side by side with jangly guitars, and each song demonstrates a solid groove which carries it. The funky undercurrent of ‘We Can Have A House’ is so very memorable, and immediately gets under your skin. Meanwhile, a number like ‘Swish Cape’ employs a jittery beat and a restrained, fuzzy vocal. The contrast between the tracks on the album is rather apparent, but each are underpinned by a strong musical sensibility, and a clear knack for infectious songwriting. The subtleties and intricacies of the album are where its greatest pleasures lie, and it is sure to be a record which skyrockets Near Myth into the public consciousness. The sheer musical scope of this record is nothing short of astounding.

Cakefight – 7′ EP

Cakefight are a two piece band from Melbourne, who pack an awful lot of punch into their sound with just drums, guitars and vocals. This EP, recorded in Austin Texas is dirty and grainy, sounding like the garage rock of years passed. The songs that make up the release are all fairly short, but are still left enough time to develop and evolve. Perhaps the most engaging element of the release is its lo-fi qualities – it truly feels live, and has a vintage quality to it that carries the EP. Simple, fun and unpretentious, this first release from the duo is honest, catchy, unique and adopts a very particular tone that compliments the songs perfectly.