Sydney duo Au.Ra have released four tracks online from their forthcoming debut album Jane’s Lament. The band, who are comprised of Tim Jenkins and Tom Crandles, have played around their home city for a few years. Jenkins is a former member of Parades while Crandles has been in Colours and Ghostwood.

The four songs – ‘Morning’, ‘Sun’, ‘Pyramid’ and ‘Spare The Thought’ – indicate a wonderfully cerebral listen in Jane’s Lament. All four tracks are spacious, melodic and reverberating pop songs with electronic decoration making them all the more shiny; ringing well and truly true to their band name. Elements of shoe gaze trickle through each song, reminiscent of, say, Portishead in both the sound and sophistication.

They’ll be releasing Jane’s Lament on March 3rd, 2015 through Los Angeles label felte. You can stream all four tracks via the band’s SoundCloud page, with ‘Morning’ also available for free download.