A little rocky, a little soft, Ali Barter is a musical combination; there is light in the dark places, and shade encircling and accentuating her luminous voice. Barter’s story thus far is an interesting one. Beginning with a decade long stint of choral practice, the classically trained soprano gave it all up, rather suddenly, and took a different route all together. She became a self-proclaimed ‘ratbag’ and ventured off to travel the world.

Growing up, Barter was surrounded by some of the all time greats, listening to Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and Patsy Cline, but it was Cat Power who played a part in drawing her back to music.

Her time spent away from singing and music making was a period of self discovery and exploration. She spread her wings and soon enough came full circle and returned to music after finding a different sound and voice that spoke a language she better understood.

After attending a Methodist school, in a Jewish neighbourhood, with a Catholic Father, and a Buddhist Mother, Barter was seeking out a “sense of community.” In the end, she “found it in music.” From there Barter threw herself into it, writing her own songs and attending open mic nights around Melbourne. She practiced, and recorded her debut EP ‘Trip’ alongside MATIK. It was heard and enjoyed by triple j listeners. One thing led to another and she was picked to play Laneway Festival, and went on to share a stage with Cloud Control, The Rubens, Holy Holy, Alpine and High Highs.

Barter explains her new song as:

“a surrender to everything that we use to feel a part of the world”.

Her new EP, of the same title as her single, was co-written and produced by Oscar Dawson (one half of folk/rock duo Holy Holy). It is available for purchase now, and a free download of Community can be found on her triple j Unearthed Profile. Have a listen below.