The 2014 Australian Independent Music Awards is set to be graced by some of the country’s most prolific acts of the year, with the announcement of five very special live performances to take place at this year’s award ceremony.

This year’s exceptional lineup promises to showcase some of Australia’s most exciting new and emerging talents, with live performances by SheppardRemi, DMA’s, SAFIA and Meg Mac.

The cross section of genres and performers on the night represent the wealth of talent coming out of Australia’s music stocks, and no doubt a sign of things to come.

From the raw hip hop trimmings of Melbourne’s Remi, to the cultivated indie electronica of Safia, the live wing of this year’s Australian Independent Music Awards is set to be one of the highlights of the event.

The ninth annual Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards will this year be held on October 8th at North Melbourne’s new venue Meat Market – changing the venue of the event for the first time in three years.

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