American actor Aaron Paul has released an iPhone app inspired by his Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman’s legendary catchphrase.

The tongue-in-cheek insult, “Yo bi**h!” has taken on a life of its own since the Emmy-award winning AMC show launched in 2008, with fans of the show pestering Paul to shout the profanity at them in the streets.

Responding to popular demand is the YB app, which iTunes describes as providing Breaking Bad fans with “colorful greetings for you and your friends.” Interested iPhone users can download the app and create a login. They can then send friends messages recorded in Paul’s voice, and a handful of them are free.

Pros: Aaron Paul (aka AP) is automatically listed as one of your friends, the app spices up normal text messaging.

Cons: To communicate with your friends, they have to download the app and create a login as well and if you want to expand your vocabulary, you’ll have to pay extra.

The YB app is available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded on the iTunes store now! An Android version is set for an early 2015 release.