I’m Mark, and I’m lucky enough to play bass in a band surrounded by my four very best friends in the world. We’re called Bad Pony and we have a pretty fantastic time doing music together. I’m currently sitting in an Airport in LA on my way home feeling very tired, a little unwell and the happiest I’ve ever been after a crazy week together at South By Southwest.

We were absolutely stoked to be invited to perform as part of an event in support of Conscious Immaturity, who are a not-for-profit that put on fantastic shows to raise money in support of musical education for youth. You should check them out here, and if you have deep pockets you should give them a sizeable donation.

This is what occurs when SXSW, St Patricks day and Spring Break converge in a veritable clusterfuck of human drunkenness. This photo might not really do it justice because it’s from a closed venue but it seemed like every person ever born was wandering the streets of Austin on this day, and they were all drunk.

The last time I saw Gang of Youths was at a sold out show at The Enmore in Sydney. As you can see here, being able to see them play at the Aussie BBQ put on by Sounds Australia afforded us the opportunity to see Australia’s best dudes in a much more intimate setting. This day was a good day.