Hailing from the streets of Melbourne, Breve are a three-piece encompassing Dougal Shaw, Toby Fitzgerald and Mathias Thorn. Self-described as schizophrenic psychedelic, Breve’s music is often self-reflective, observing the ins and outs of life curiously and at a distance. With ‘She Gets Around’ making a stunning and visceral first track from their debut EP Broke Generation, Breve are currently working together to meet the demands of playing music, recording their debut LP and paying for Dougal’s obsession with flavoured rice cakes.  Catching up with us before Citizens of The Streets, we spoke with Dougal about the process of recording, inspirations and the hopes that follow.

How’s the makings of your first ever album going?

It’s exciting. Just in the final stages of pre-production and experimentation, making sure everything’s right before we go in and smash it out. We’ve booked four days later this month and we plan to track everything live and get a nice raw, cohesive feel to the album.

What is your main inspiration for the album?

Lyrically there’s a running theme of impermanence throughout the album and a sort of disconnect with modern society. It’s quite introspective, existential kinda shit haha. Musically I’ve been influenced by the other boys in the band, we have a nice dynamic at the moment where everyone’s bringing something different to the table and it’s fresh and exciting and pushing us out of our comfort zone.

You say your genre is schizophrenic psychedelia, If you had to depict this in a colour, what would it be?

What colour is a creek? I guess it changes with the sky. Can I say sky? It’s not really a colour. I mean it is, it’s blue right now, but it’s black sometimes or grey or pink and purple.

What’s your favourite thing to eat while recording?
Rice crackers. I’m obsessed with rice crackers. Not the round ones, you know the little different coloured savoury delights. Yeah, I think I’m the only person that thinks so but they’re out of this world.

Where’s been your favourite venue to perform at so far?
Thomas Surfboard’s, a factory out the back of Noosa. We played on a half pipe.

Who would you want to be stuck in a lift with?
Oh man, I hate lifts. I never want to be stuck in a lift with anyone. I’m gunna have to avoid lifts for a while after this.

What are you looking forward to the most about the citizens of the streets event?
Super keen to see Flyying Colours with the new line-up. Those guys have been killing it lately.

You recently introduced a new member to the band (Mathias), are you planning on further expanding the band this year?
No, sticking to the 3-piece for the foreseeable future. Leaves plenty of room for everyone to experiment and fill out the sound in interesting ways. I guess we have expanded the band in a way, but with more instruments instead of humans.

What else have you got planned for 2015?
Once the album’s done we are getting out on the road. Keen to do a national run of shows and making goals to get overseas ASAP.

Catch Breve at Citizens of The Streets here.